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American bungalow homes are best exemplified in the work of Gustav Stickley and his "Craftsman Homes", the most important work in the American arts and crafts movement. Craftsman bungalow homes are of a traditional, classic style and designs and make use of simple, practical home floor plans.

Bungalow Plans with Pictures & Floor Plans

In terms of architecture Craftsman bungalow house plans customarily consist of a spacious single story home with the addition of an attic story or loft, in accordance with the definition of the word bungalow as given in the American Heritage Dictionary.

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1. Bungalow Style Home Plan
A Craftsman design bungalow style home plan with pictures of floor plans and interiors.

Excerpt: bungalow style home plan. bungalow style home plan. the plans and...
2. American Bungalow House Plan
American bungalow house plan.

Excerpt: American bungalow house plan. American bungalow house...
3. Bungalow Mountain House Plan
Bungalow Mountain House Plan.

Excerpt: bungalow mountain house plan. bungalow mountain house plan. a bungalow...
4. Spanish Courtyard Design Home Ideas
Spanish Courtyard Design Home Ideas.

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5. Craftsman Style Homes & Craftsman House Plans
The history and major styles of craftsman homes and houses complete with pictures and floor plans.

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6. Two Cheap Cottages
Two cheap cottages with floor plans.

Excerpt: cottage with recessed porch and bungalow roof it has always seemed to us...
7. Small Cabin Plans
Small Cabin Plans.

Excerpt: on the general order of the bungalow they will be built of stone brick...
8. Narrow Lot House Plan
Narrow Lot House Plan.

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