Small Cabin Plans

Small Cabin Plans

¶ A plain little cabin that would make a good summer home in the woods. Free cabin plans from Craftsman Style.

¶ One of the features at Craftsman Farms is the housing of guests, students and workers in small bungalows or cabins scattered here and there through the woods and over the hillside, standing either singly or in groups of three and four in small clearings made in the natural woodland. Therefore they are designed especially for such surroundings and are most desirable for those who wish to build inexpensive summer or weekend cottages for holiday and vacation use. Of course, any one of the plans would serve perfectly well for a tiny cottage for two or three people to live in, but the design and general character of the buildings is hardly adapted to the ordinary town lot and would not be so effective in conventional surroundings as in the open country.

Craftsman Cabin Home
Craftsman Cabin Home.
View of the front anfl side, showing casements high in the wali

¶ The cottages built at Craftsman Farms are meant first of all to live in and next to serve as examples of a variety of practical plans for small moderately priced dwellings designed on the general order of the bungalow. They will be built of stone, brick, or any one of a number of our native woods suitable for such construction and will be as comfortable, beautiful and interesting as we can make them, each one being specially planned for its own use.

Craftsman Cabin Floor Plans
Craftsman Cabin Floor Plans.

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