Craftsman Furniture

Craftsman Furniture

¶ An outline of furniture making in America: showing the place of craftsman furniture in the evolution of an American style. - By Gustav Stickley.

¶ This book is meant to give a comprehensive idea of the elements that go to make up the typical Craftsman home. Therefore at least one chapter must be devoted to Craftsman furniture, for in the making of this we first gave form to the idea of home building and furnishing which we have endeavored to set forth. For this reason, and because the furniture has so far remained the clearest concrete expression of the Craftsman idea, we are here illustrating a few of the most characteristic pieces that serve to show all the essential qualities of the style.

¶ In order that the reader may understand clearly the reasons which led to the making of Craftsman furniture, and its place in the evolution of a distinctively American style that bids fair eventually to govern the great majority of our houses and household belongings, we will first briefly review the history of American furniture making.

Other topics on the history of period furniture styles by Gustave Stickley in this section include: Arts and Crafts Furniture, Art Nouveau Furniture, Primitive Furniture.

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