Acid & Alkaline Stains & Finishes

Acid & Alkaline Stains & Finishes

The acid and alkaline stains and finishes used in wood treatment, stains and finishes.

Craftsman Style

¶ The chemicals used for staining purposes are many and they are used in various combinations. The acids and alkalines most commonly used are these :

¶ Tannic acid,
Pyrogallic acid,
Chromic acid,
Picric acid,
Acetic acid,
Nitric acid,
Sulphuric acid,
Muriatic (hydrochloric) acid,
Caustic Soda,
Carbonate of Soda,
Bichromate of Potash,
Potassium of Permanganate,
Copper Sulphate,
Sulphate of Iron (copperas, or green vitriol),
Chloride of Iron,
Chrome Alum,
Manganese Sulphate

¶ The acids in the above group are usually used in connection with the aniline water stains as a preliminary wash.

Types of Acids

Acid & Alkaline Preparations

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