Repairing Finishes, How to Repair Damaged Finish

Repairing Finishes, How to Repair Damaged Finish

Instructions and tips on how to refinish and repair damaged wood finishes in furniture.

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¶ After producing a well nigh perfect job of finishing on wood trim, cabinets or furniture the finisher sometimes meets with the great disappointment of having some other mechanics about the job damage the surface before the architect or customer has accepted the work, or after. What to do in such cases is exceedingly valuable knowledge and marks a finisher as a high grade man when he can meet the emergency with skill. Sometimes in refinishing old surfaces the damaged places consisting of bruises, deep scratches, splinters, cracks, etc., are too deep or extensive to be eliminated by the ordinary stripping off of the old finish and sandpapering the surface. Filling and patching must be done. The following will be of great help in these repairing situations, but of course the principal requirement is experience and practice in the work. What follows will give you the tools, methods and some suggestions to make a start with how to repair wood finishes, whether lacquer, stain, enamel, or paint.

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