Rush or Reed Furniture

Rush or Reed Furniture

The use of rush or reed in furniture.

Craftsman Style

¶ The artistic quality of the Rush or Reed has been generally ignored by the cabinet-maker. The strength and durability of its fiber have largely caused its employment. But it lends itself easily to aesthetic color and textile schemes. Made soft and pliable, and retaining its natural variegations, it gives a whole gamut of greens, with occasional rusty glints punctuating what otherwise were a too spiritless mass of color. It is then often combined with the mellow tones of "fumed oak", as we find it in certain chairs and seats recently produced in the workshops of the United Crafts. The combination cannot be otherise than a perfect one, as it is based upon Nature as displayed in the autumn woods.

A Daybed
A Daybed.

The examples of cabinet-making shoewn in this magazine are from the wcorkhops of the United Crafts, Eastwood, N.Y.

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