Lecture: Art, Wealth and Riches

Lecture: Art, Wealth and Riches

Part of a lecture delivered by William Morris to the Manchester Royal Institution, March 6, 1883, on Art, Wealth and Riches.

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¶ I could never forget that in spite of all drawbacks, my work is little less than pleasure to me; that under no conceivable circumstances would I give it up, even if I could. Over and over again, I have asked myself why should not my lot be the common lot. My work is simple work enough; much of it, nor that the least pleasant, any man of decent intelligence could do, if he could but get to care about the work and its results. Indeed, I have been ashamed when I have thought of the contrast between my happy working hours and the unpraised, unrewarded, monotonous drudgery which most men are condemned to. Nothing shall convince me that such labour as this is good or necessary to civilization.

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