How to Make Wax Formulas

How to Make Wax Formulas

Directions and instructions for making wax, wax wood formulas.

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¶ Factory-Prepared Waxes. Because the manufacturer has at his command a greater number of waxes, has the chemical knowledge and experience to handle them and the manufacturing skill and equipment at his command he is able to make better wax pastes, for floors especially, than the finisher can mix from available materials. The factory-prepared waxes are mixed and tempered to work properly and yet to give a much harder wearing surface and a higher polish than any that can be mixed by the finisher.

Artisan's Furniture Waxing Kit

Artisan's Furniture Waxing Kit.

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¶ Painter-Mixed Wax Formulas. From the materials which are commonly available to painters and wood finishers in general the following formulas have been used considerably in the past. But with the cost of labor ever on the increase it is well to ponder the wisdom of spending the necessary time to mix waxes. Sometimes it pays and sometimes the wax so mixed costs more than a superior wax made by manufacturers. There is no doubt that the factory-made wax is superior for floors.

¶ Formula, 1: - 1 pound of white or yellow beeswax; ½ pint turpentine; 1 tablespoonful ammonia, 26 degree or XXX.
¶ Place the shaved-up wax in a pot and put the pot in a pail of hot water. When melted add the ammonia and turpentine. The ammonia keeps the paste from getting hard. Paraffine wax can be used in the same way, but it makes a softer, though whiter, wax paste, that is, one which when dry is softer.
¶ Formula 2: - 1 pound carnauba wax; 1 pound ceresine wax; 1 pint turpentine.
¶ Cut the waxes into shavings, place in a pot and put the pot in boiling hot water. When melted add the turpentine. When cool if it is too thick more turpentine may be added.
¶ Formula 3: - ½ pound carnauba wax; 1 pound ceresine wax; 2 pounds parafime wax.
¶ Melt the waxes together after shaving them up in a pot and place the pot in a pail of hot water. When melted add 3 ½ pounds of turpentine or mineral spirits. Store this wax in an air-tight can. The wax may be poured into molds and allowed to cool in cakes before the turpentine is added. The turpentine may be added later as needed. This wax takes a good polish, makes a hard finish and is not expensive to prepare. It is much used on furniture made in factories.
¶ Formula 4: - Dry wax for Dance Floors. 4 ounces spermaceti wax; 4 ounces parafime wax; 8 ounces talcum powder.
¶ Shave the waxes and melt together in a water bath. Add the talcum powder and mix thoroughly. Then pass through a No. 10 sieve.

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