Varnish Turning Yellow, Green or Blue

Varnish Turning Yellow, Green or Blue

Color problems with varnishing, varnish turning yellow, etc.

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¶ Varnish Turning Yellow, Green or Blue. This difficulty is more often encountered by the automobile and carriage painter than other finishers. The cause is the exclusion of light or the presence of coal gas or other impurities in the air. These have a discoloring effect and a darkening effect on the varnish, usually increasing its yellow hue. The change in the varnish color, of course, has its effect on the color under it, so much, so in fact that bluish grays will he changed to greenish, grays.

¶ The use of clear varnish over black japan ground is a common cause of varnish taking on a bluish or greenish cast. The remedy is to add a bit of the black to all varnish coats except the last. Newly varnished surfaces which are stored in the dark are apt to turn to a greenish cast.

¶ The bluish cast taken on by dry varnish on vehicles is a bloom due to moisture being absorbed by the varnish. The blue disappears when the moisture is dried.

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