Wood Finishes & Color

Wood Finishes & Color

Addressing the need to harmonize the color of wood finishes with the rest of the room.

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¶ The color scheme or decorative plan for a room must be considered by the wood finisher if he is to make the most of his opportunity. It is his function to enhance by his finishing methods the natural color shadings and grain figure of the wood, to subdue too much contrast and harshness of coarse grain and figure of some woods, to carry out the color scheme by coloring the trim wood to become part of the background of the room, to make it match or harmonize with the furniture, to so finish it that the surface will be enduring, and finally, the finish must protect both the color and the wood from moisture and gases which discolor, crack and warp the wood.

¶ Wood trim ought never to be finished with color or grain figure so strong as to call attention to itself. It is really part of the background, with the walls, ceiling and floor, the background for the furnishings of the room and not the focal point of interest in the picture. The display of strong, fantastic grain figure in either cheap or expensive woods, except for special novelty finishes, is evidence of poor taste as a rule. The beauty of the natural grain and of the color of wood or stain ought not to be obscured by finishes which lack transparent but woods finished to subdue strong contrasts of grain color and to reveal only simple, graceful contours of figure are pleasing to behold, and as one lives with them day after day they sustain interest and grow in appreciation of all who love the beauty of harmony and simplicity.

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