Wooden Games Table Plan

Wooden Games Table Plan

Plan for a chess or checkers table similar to the chess checkers table.

¶ Picture 5 shows a small table that would prove a convenient piece of furniture in a household where either chess or checkers happens to be a favorite game. The legs are slightly tapering, sloped outward and are made firm with bracket supports so that the usual cross supports below, which would interfere with the comfort of the players sitting at the table, are not needed. The rails tinder the top are tenoned to the legs. In a case like this, where two or more rails meet with the ends opposite each other, short tenons must be used with two dowel pins in each one to hold it in place. These pins are placed near the edge of the table legs so that they may not interfere with the tenoning of the side rails. It is a good plan to dowel the bracket supports first to the legs and then to the top of the table, in addition to the glue which holds them in place. The small drawer is made in the regular way, being hung from the top instead of running on a center guide as do most of the wider drawers in Craftsman furniture. The checks on the table top may be burned into the wood or a dye or stain may be used for the dark checks.

Wooden Games Table
Chess or Checker Table

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