Beech Wood & Poplar Wood

Beech Wood & Poplar Wood

Characteristics of American beech wood and poplar.

¶ Beech, which is a little darker than maple and of a similar texture and grain, is equally desirable for the same uses.

Treatment of Beech

¶ It may be treated either with iron rust or aqua fortis, following the same directions given in the case of maple. This wood is cheap and abundant and is usually found in the same regions which produce birch and maple.


¶ Poplar also does very well for the woodwork in a room that is not subjected to hard wear, as it is a very soft wood and will not stand hard usage. The best finish is simply a brown or green stain thin enough to allow the natural color of the wood to show through it. This natural color has in it a strong suggestion of green, so that it affiliates with the green stain and modifies the brown.

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