Casein Cement

Casein Cement

Information and guide to casein and lime cement.

Craftsman Style

Casein and lime cement has long been known; it has been used as a cement for crockery and the like. The directions formerly given (before the modern methods for making casein were invented) were to knead and wash cheese with water until all the fat was removed and the residue was white and crumbly; mix this with cream of lime (lime slaked and mixed with enough water to be of the consistence of cream) enough to make a paste; apply at once.

This makes a very strong and water-proof cement. The casein now made is prepared in a very different way, and is chemically a somewhat different substance; but it makes a cement with lime, and resists water well. The paint thus made is practically incombustible; casein may be destroyed by fire, but it is, when dry, a substance much like glue, and can hardly be regarded as combustible; and the lime and pigment are not at all so. It offers a sensible resistance to fire. It is not washed off by rain, and is in that sense weather-proof; but it is of an open and porous structure, and does not prevent moisture from reaching the surface to which it is applied.

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