Wallpaper Rolls & Sizes

Wallpaper Rolls & Sizes

How to calculate how many wallpaper rolls you need and in what sizes.

Craftsman Style

Wallpaper comes in rolls, eighteen inches wide, and a conventional roll is eight yards of long; but in fact it is always sold in double rolls of sixteen yards; but the price is usually made on the single-roll basis, so if you buy twenty rolls you get ten pieces of paper each sixteenyards long, each piece rolled up in one (double) roll.

To estimate how much you need, you are to measure the area to be covered; measure the total length of the wall, adding up the four or more sides, and multiply this by the height; then figure up the area of the doors and windows and take that out; this gives the total number of square feet of wall to be covered. Each single roll has an area of thirty-six square feet; but there will be waste in matching the pattern, so it is not safe to call a single roll more than thirty square feet, or sixty square feet for a double roll; and with patterns which are difficult to match, even this may be too much to allow for a roll. The ceiling is measured in the same way, and it must be remembered that the ceiling paper must in all cases come down on the side wall a few inches, at least two inches, not only on the ends of the pieces but also on the sides; so in putting up the first piece of ceiling paper it must be turned down on the side wall as well as at the ends of the length of paper.

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