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The outfit which the amateur wallpaper-hanger requires consists, in the first place, of four boards about twelve inches wide and eight or ten feet long. Two of these boards should be planed smooth, as they are to serve as a table on which to spread the paste on the paper; the others are to make a platform on which to work. There should be something provided to support these about thirty inches from the floor; they may be on boxes or tables, the height is that of an ordinary table, or trestles or "horses" may be had. A couple of stout kitchen tables make a good support for the boards which are to be used as a platform. A carpenter's square is useful, and so is a yardstick.

It is necessary to have a pair of long shears, twelve to sixteen inches long; these cost about a dollar and a half. The professionals also have a rotary-wheel cutter for trimming, but it is not necessary. A good paste-brush, about seven or eight inches wide, costing from one to two dollars, is necessary; and a smoothing-brush, which is a long, thin brush, about ten or twelve inches long (wide), is very desirable; this is for smoothing the paper on the wall; the work may be done with a dry, soft towel, but the brush is very much better; it costs seventy-five cents to a dollar.

A clothes-brush may be used, in emergency. An eight-inch cloth-covered roller is also used for this; but a good brush is almost indispensable, and is all that is really necessary. To smooth down the seams a seam-roller is used; this is about an inch wide, with a rounded face; a smooth bed-caster will answer, but is not so convenient. This is to roll down the seams after they are partly dry.

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