Interior Finishes without Painting

Interior Finishes without Painting

Interesting interior finishes without the need of painting.

Craftsman Style

A Colored Finish Without Paint.

A very handsome and comparatively new finish for open-grained woods consists in dyeing the wood with a water-stain; when it is dry the grain is filled with a colored filler; this filler may be an ordinary colorless silica paste-filler to which has been added a pigment of a suitable color, or it may be paste white lead if a white color is desired. As the oil and turpentine in the filler do not tend to dissolve or mix with the color of the water-stain, we have a sharp contrast between the dyed wood, which forms a background, and the filler in the grain of the wood; for instance, the latter may be white on a blue ground, or dark blue on pale blue, or any other combination of colors which may strike the fancy of the designer. In this way very striking effects, harmonizing with the general color scheme of the room-furnishings, may be easily obtained. Of course, the wood will be subsequently finished with a transparent varnish, as any other woodwork would be. Some very costly and artistic buildings, both public and private, have been done in this way.

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