Exterior Varnishing

Exterior Varnishing

Exterior spar varnish from yachts for external woodwork.

Craftsman Style

All surfaces exposed to the sun, as window-sash, sills, jambs, inside blinds, outer doors, railings, and the like, are treated as exterior work, and do not receive the varnish used on interior trim, but are varnished with what is called spar-varnish, which is made for the spars and exterior woodwork of yachts. No filler is used on this work, as under the influence of the direct rays of the sun it would be decomposed and come out. The whole surface is built up of successive coats of spar, lightly sandpapered between coats; but the last is a full coat flowed on, and left always with the natural gloss. Outside doors need varnishing every year; but inside work, though done with a less elastic varnish, if these directions have been followed, and if good materials have been used, will last fifteen or twenty years; so great is the effect of the direct sunshine.

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This is Exterior Varnishing.

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