Simple Dining Room Furniture

Simple Dining Room Furniture

A suite of simple style dining room furniture.

Craftsman Style

¶ This picture represents a set of plain dining room furniture. The style is simple and economical. The sideboard is four feet six inches long, and is finished with a white marble top. The etagere top has two mirrors in the back, which give a good finish to it; the under part is divided into closets, with shelves; it has two drawers under the marble.

¶ The dining table extends eight, ten, or twelve feet, according to the wants of a purchaser; it has a very neat appearance, and is a favorite for plain furnishing. A case containing the loose leaves accompanies the table; the leaves are solid walnut or oak, as the wood happens to be wanted.

¶ The sofa is a comfortable lounging place, with spring-seat, and pillow springs in the arms ; it is covered with hair-cloth, morocco, worsted reps, or enameled oil-cloth.

¶ The dining chair is made either with stuffed or cane seat, and is a very substantial, plain article, which suits with the rest of the furniture.

¶ Additional pieces can be ordered to match. A complete suit would also include a butler's tray, a side-table, and a pair of armchairs.

Simple Dining Room Furniture
Simple Dining Room Furniture.

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