Antique Dining Room Set

Antique Dining Room Set

Solid wood designs for an antique dining room set of furniture.

Craftsman Style

¶ This picture represents a fine set of dining room furniture. This is a favorite style, and the effect of the furniture in a room is much better than the plate represents.

¶ The buffet or sideboard is the new style circular end, with closets in the ends and center part; the back has mirrors in it; the marble is of extra thickness, and of either white Italian, Brocadilla, Tennessee, or black and gold; white looks best on walnut, and Brocadilla or Tennessee on oak; the carving is merely sufficient to carry out the design; the rest is relieved with bold and effective mouldings; the size is five feet four inches long by two feet wide.

¶ The dining table is of the center-table pattern, that is, with pillars and phinth; it is either four feet, four feet six inches, or five feet wide, and twelve, fourteen, or sixteen feet long, according to the width. The general character of the table corresponds with the sideboard, but a table similar to that on the next page would also be appropriate.

¶ The service table, as shown, has three shelves, but by touching a spring the top leaf lowers and the under one rises to meet the center leaf, when it is not all in use; it is a very convenient article for side-dishes and dessert.

¶ The chair is either cane-seat and back, or stuffed, without springs, in any material required; the pattern can be varied to suit a purchaser.

¶ The sofa on the next page, simple dining room furniture, with very little alteration, would be appropriate for this suit.

Antique Dining Room Set
Antique Dining Room Set.

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