Carved Dining Room Furniture

Carved Dining Room Furniture

Antique carved dining room furniture such as chairs, dining tables, and sideboards.

Craftsman Style

¶ This diagram is a faithful picture of the articles intended to be representcd.

¶ The sideboard is very elaborate in the carving, and has a French plate mirror in the back of the top part, and a very thick marble slab ; it is an appropriate style for oiling in walnut, as the oil brings the fine carving out better than varnish does; it is five feet four inches long outside.

¶ The carved dining table is sixteen feet long, and four feet six inches wide, and is a splendid article - in fact one of the richest tables we have ever seen; the mouldings are all more massive than the cut represents; there is also a neat case for the leaves, which is on castors, for convenience in moving. Sometimes a lounge is made with an arrangement in the seat for holding the table leaves; but this is a mere matter of convenience to the purchaser, and its utility depends on the size of the dining room.

¶ The carved back dining chair and the small chair are in perfect unison of style with the other articles; they have spring-seats, and are most generally covered with French morocco and studded with gilt nails; reps for the covering and window curtains is a very pretty finish, but is too warm for a Southern climate, and is likely to be attacked by moths; the morocco generally used is only split horse-skin: the French morocco or goat-skin is easily distinguished, as after dressing there is a dark streak left, caused by the goat's mane.

Carved Dining Room Furniture
Carved Dining Room Furniture.

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