Home Library Furniture

Home Library Furniture

Antique wood and glass home library furniture.

Craftsman Style

¶ This picture shows a neat, plain set of library furniture, such as is in general use. Other articles than those exhibited in the cut are required, according to a purchaser's taste or the size of the room.

¶ The bookcase is five feet two inches wide over the cornice, and nine feet six inches high, with panels of wood at the bottom of the doors and plate-glasses above. The cut represents the article very well indeed.

¶ The library table is of oval form, with a drawer for paper; the top is cloth, inlaid with a heavy moulded wood edge.

¶ The lounge is spring-seat, and with or without spring arm, as may be wanted; the arm can be had either right or left.

¶ The Spanish reading chair is of unique style, and is very comfortable, being half recumbent.

¶ The reclining chair is a pattern that is in much favor, and is the most comfortable chair in use; it graduates its position to the will of the person, and enjoys the merit of utility, without complication of machinery; it is also very substantial in construction.

Home Library Furniture
Home Library Furniture.

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This is Home Library Furniture.

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