Antique Renaissance Style Furniture

Antique Renaissance Style Furniture

French design antique Renaissance style furniture reproductions.

Craftsman Style

¶ This picture and the preceding are of the game character, and the style is what is called "Renaissance" in France, and "antique" in this country.

¶ The secretary is a very elegant piece of furniture, with artistic sculpture. The writing-fall is balanced by an ingenious contrivance, by which it rises and falls without jar. It must be seen to be appreciated.

¶ The lounge is of the proper shape for comfort, with springs in the arm and roll at the top of the arm; the seat is of extra width, and very elastic.

¶ The armchair on the right is a grand chair, with carved heads for the arms and with very elastic springs in both seat and back, and is covered with French morocco, studded around the edges with gilt nails; the fluting style of upholstery in the back is new, and both beautiful and comfortable.

¶ The arm chair on the left is of same character, with dragon's head and claws for the front, and coiled serpents for the back; the seat and top of the back are covered with morocco and finished with gilt nails. Both of these chairs are of late importation from one of the best establishments in Paris.

Antique Renaissance Style Furniture
Antique Renaissance Style Furniture.

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