Antique Wood Library Furniture

Antique Wood Library Furniture

Some designs for wood library furniture for a home library.

Craftsman Style

¶ This picture represents wood library furniture of the most elaborate character, upon which the carving is very fine.

¶ The bookcase is eleven feet long and twelve feet high, with a secretary and desk under the center door; a drawer pulls out, and by leaving the front down, we have the desk, with all of the ordinary interior arrangement for papers, etc. Observe that on each end and on the two center pilasters there are figures in sculpture; around the top of the doors are also fine sculptured pieces, and the cornice is handsomely ornamented with stag's head, etc.; the drawers have grotesque heads for handles; the mouldings are all appropriately carved.

¶ The library table is carved to suit the bookcase, with grotesque heads; it has twelve small and two large drawers, half on each side; the cut should have two heads on each drawer for handles; this improvement has been made since the artist sketched it for this work.

¶ The armchair is also carved to match the other pieces; the back is carved to represent a hunting scene, with deer, dogs, and hunters, with hunting apparatus; the front legs and arms are dragon's head and claws; this chair is covered with morocco, and finished with gilt nails. The next design, Renaissance style furniture, is a continuation of this suite.

Library Furniture
Library Furniture.

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