Antique Bedroom Set

Antique Bedroom Set

An antique bedroom furniture set.

Craftsman Style

¶ This picture consists of a set of bedroom furniture. The bedstead is rounded at the foot, and the headboard is one large panel, veneered four different ways, with the grain crossed, to prevent its shrinking; the carving is just sufficient to carry out the design, and is well executed; the mouldings are all massive and well arranged.

¶ The wardrobe is in style to harmonize with the bedstead. It has mirror doors, and a separate lock on each door, leaving the door to close one inch on the center-piece; by this arrangement the door can shrink without leaving a crevice for dust to enter. The inside of the whole is grained to imitate maple, which makes a neat and clean finish.

¶ The dressing bureau is of large size, with a marble top, and large mirror to swing in the standard. It is finished to match the other articles in the suit.

¶ The washstand is elliptical in front, with closets in the ends and drawer in the middle; it is open in the center, with marble top, and has marble in the opening, where there is sufficient room for the foot-urn.

¶ The other articles required for a full set are a lounge, a comfortable arm-chair, four or six chairs, a towel-stand, and most generally a small table. The space on the picture would not admit of them.

Bedroom Set
Bedroom Set.

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