Antique Bedroom Furniture Designs

Antique Bedroom Furniture Designs

Some antique wood bedroom furniture designs and pictures.

Craftsman Style

¶ This plate represents a suite of the new style of bedroom furniture, of two distinct characters. In one the ground is walnut finished with wax polish, and the mouldings (as shown by the black lines on the drawing) of polished ebony. This is very unique and chaste. In the other the ground is bird's-eye maple, with the mouldings of rosewood. With the walnut suit, it is beautiful and effective, if the inside doors of the room and the window-panes and cornices arc finished in the same style of work. A mantle, and mirror for the mantle, made in the same way, enhance the beauty and style of the bedroom, and arc not much more expensive than marble mantles and gilt frames. The maple suite is beautifully polished, and the contrast of the rosewood moulding with the gold color of the maple is very good. It is particularly appropriate for warm climates, from its cool appearance, and, when in contrast with blue and gold paper-hangings, and blue carpets and drapery, is well adapted for a lady's bedroom.

¶ The wardrobe has two mirror-doors, and the other articles have marble tops of appropriate color.

¶ The furniture is all of large size.

¶ The chairs have spring-seats, and are covered with materials to suit carpets and drapery.

¶ This bedroom set must be seen to be properly appreciated.

Antique Bedroom Furniture Designs
Antique Bedroom Furniture Designs.

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