Antique Living Room Furniture - Elizabethan Style

Antique Living Room Furniture - Elizabethan Style

Some classic living room designs using antique living room furniture in the Elizabethan style.

Craftsman Style

¶ This picture is designed to show one of the grandest living room suites that can be made. It is very finely and elaborately carved in solid rosewood. Much of the very fine work could not be introduced by the engraver, and the design is only to show the general character. It is covered with Gobelin tapestry of crimson ground, with bouquets in the center of the gold medallion. This suite, when finished, has truly a regal appearance. The articles are all very large and massive, as it is intended for the largest living rooms. The style is now called the "Napoleon", and is a near approach to the "Elizabethan". The upholstery is all square stitching, which stands out boldly from the wood-work. It requires to be seen to appreciate its fine artistic carving.

¶ The center table has a marble top, inlaid in the wood edge which surrounds it. This wood edge is a great comfort to ladies with thinly-covered arms, as the wood, where the arm rests upon it, is many degrees warmer than the marble.

¶ The etagere is an entirely new pattern, and requires (to be well finished) a pair of vases underneath, a time-piece in the center, and statuettes, busts, or bronzes on the top.

Antique Living Room Furniture
Antique Living Room Furniture.

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