Terracotta Chimney Tops, Flues, & Pipes

Terracotta Chimney Tops, Flues, & Pipes

Using terracotta for chimney tops, flues, & pipes.

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Chimney Tops

¶ The cuts here given represent tops for chimneys made of terracotta, vitrified, so that they are not liable to injury from the action of coal gas, which is so injurious to brick chimneys. As an article of ornament, we certainly approve of their use, particularly on the cottage or villa residence, as they make an appropriate and light finish to chimneys that cannot be produced in brick. In England they are considered indispensable to the finish of a cottage building.

Terracotta Chimney Top
Terracotta Chimney Top.

¶ For cottages in the Gothic style, these tops should be at least five feet high, with an additional base of brick of about two feet; in the Italian style, from three to four feet is a proper height.

Chimney Top
Chimney Top.

Chimney Flues & Pipes

¶ Latterly, smoke and air flues have been made of terracotta, of dimensions suitable for all purposes. They are made in pieces of about 18 inches in length and from 4 by 8 to 12 by 18 inches sectional area.

¶ The value and economy of drain pipes made of this material is too well known to need comment here.

¶ Much credit is due to Mr. S. A. Harrison, of Philadelphia, for the manner in which he has conducted the manufacture and sale of the above articles. His warerooms contain a collection of statuary, vases, etc., of terracotta, worthy of a visit even from persons not wishing to purchase.

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