Wooden Spiral Staircase, Staircases Design

Wooden Spiral Staircase, Staircases Design

Design ideas for wooden spiral staircases and wood spiral staircase hand rails.

Craftsman Style

¶ Staircasing is a branch of joinery of so much importance that in cities it is carried on separately by a class of mechanics who have made it their sole study. It involves a considerable amount of mathematical knowledge, and a clear perception of the beauties of graceful lines, along with no small amount of tact in the application of that knowledge and perception.

¶ All spiral staircase halls, where even a moderate amount of display is intended, should have an appearance of amplitude, in order that the ascent may be made at an easy grade, and the curves sweep gracefully; narrow, steep stairs, with abrupt curvature, are to be ever avoided, where anything beyond the most rigid economy is aimed at.

¶ For first-class wooden hand rails, mahogany has fallen into disuse, rosewood inlaid with ebony being now in high favor, but very expensive. We know nothing more suitable for general use than the black walnut that grows so abundantly in nearly all sections of the Union. A little tact in staining this wood makes its resemblance to rosewood so nearly perfect as to puzzle the amateur in detecting the imitation. But the natural color of walnut, when heightened by oil and varnish, is itself very agreeable, and by many preferred to the imitation of a more costly material.

¶ Fine grained oak and yellow pine make very pretty risers and step-boards, varnished on the natural color of the wood; the lighter shades of walnut may also be used for this purpose with a very satisfactory effect. It is necessary, where so dark a material as the latter is used, that the stairs should be well lighted, or that the covering carpet should be of a light cast, in order to prevent an appearance of heaviness and gloom.

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