Garden Conservatory

Garden Conservatory

Ideas for building garden conservatories, and their general design.

Craftsman Style

¶ The best form for conservatories, in view of economy and the best practical working, is undoubtedly the parallelogram, although sometimes, for the sake of external appearance, they are made circular or polygonal in plan. We take for granted that it is well known that the roof:, as well as the sides of a conservatory where plants are to be successfully grown, must be made of glass. A southern aspect is the best, yet east and west exposures do tolerably well, where the admission of light is facilitated by plenty of glass. These remarks apply particularly to conservatories attached to the house, as those in some of the preceding designs.

¶ All conservatories ought to be provided with means for warming them thoroughly, at pleasure, and although the warm-air furnace with common square flue is one of the most simple and inexpensive modes in use, it is inferior to the steam and hot water systems for this purpose: the latter dispenses a moist and genial temperature, and is therefore much more conducive to the healthy growth of plants. The pipes conducting the steam or hot water should be concealed from view: perhaps the best plan of doing this is to place them in a longitudinal air-bedroom under the walk, with perforated top to permit the distribution of heated air; the diffusion of which is greatly accelerated by an opening from the outer air to the hot air passage, the admitted air becoming immediately heated and passing into the conservatory.

¶ Fig. 184 is a design for a large conservatory. The center building is intended for an implement-room on the first story; the second story may be used for the gardener's bedroom; while the lantern serves for a look-out, being reached by a small flight of stairs.


¶ A cellar for the furnaces necessarily occupies the most of the area beneath this portion of the building, horizontal flues, containing the hot water or steam pipes, extending thence into each wing.

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