Tree Planting Tips for Decorative Gardens

Tree Planting Tips for Decorative Gardens

A guide and tips to proper tree planting for decorative gardens.

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¶ In no other way can great changes be effected in a landscape more easily than by planting; every lover of nature, and every observer of the rapid development of the beauties of vegetation and foliage, particularly when under the training of skillful hands, will in a moment perceive that of all the elements of rural beauty, none occupy a more prominent place than trees and grass. Add to these the embellishments afforded by flowers and creepers, and we have sources of enjoyment within the reach of all, from the possessor of a few roods to the proprietor of an unlimited number of acres.

¶ Now, for the simple cottage these natural embellishments, under refined culture, are the most rational, and with enough of the display of art to insure its ready recognition, are in full harmony with rural life.

¶ Our limits prevent us from entering on the subject of planting; we can only remark that of all modes of embellishment, that accomplished by planting trees, vines, and flowers is most worthy of universal attention. Next to having a home is the feeling that it should wear the appearance of a pleasant home, and nothing tends more to give the impression of such than the presence of verdant foliage and beautiful flowers, and these bearing the tokens of attention from some human hand. Their presence is the type of prosperity, and their absence, of desolation.

¶ A competent landscape gardener should always be consulted in laying out the grounds of a very extensive villa. The experience acquired by actual practice is necessary in the execution of any design or leading idea that may be conceived by the proprietor or artist. Thousands of beautiful designs (on paper) are devoid of beauty in execution, for want of a little tact and judgment in those who execute them.

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