Stable Plans

Stable Plans

Plans and ideas for building horse stables.

Craftsman Style

¶ We cannot devote much space to the consideration of this class of buildings, but in offering the accompanying design, can do no less than make a few remarks on a subject the importance of which demands a greater amount of time and attention than we can possibly bestow upon it in the present work.

¶ The location of this combined stable and carriage house will always be influenced more or less by the nature of the ground and the relative position of the dwelling to which it belongs.

Carriage House and Stables
Carriage House and Stables.

¶ As a rule, however, it is desirable that the stable should be inconspicuous, that is, comparatively speaking; although such a building as the one here presented, if kept at the proper distance, would not suffer by comparison with the finished villas of corresponding style, yet its subordinate character as a thing of use, will not allow of a degree of prominency that might be dangerous to the dignity of the dwelling.

¶ On picture 178, A represents the carriage-room, 15 by 26 feet. A wide door permits the ready ingress of wheeled vehicles. B is the stable, containing seven stalls provided with mangers, and suitable light.

Stable Plans
Stable Plans.

¶ It is recommended that these windows be partially obscured by a translucent green blind, and that the walls immediately in front of the horse be painted or washed with green, in order to promote as much as possible the healthy vision of the animal. E, E, are harness closets; C is a room for the coachman, or which may be used in unfavorable weather for mending harness; two closets are opposite to it, in which oil cans, medicine bottles, etc. may be stored. D is an implement room, or, under some circumstances, it may be used by the coachman as a bedroom.

¶ A flight of steps between the carriage-house and stable leads to the hay-loft, granary, etc. over; these are well lighted, as may be observed on the elevation, and may be arranged according to the wishes of the proprietor.

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