Inexpensive House Plans

Inexpensive House Plans

Construction plans for a small, inexpensive house to build.

Craftsman Style

¶ We close this series of designs with a very economical little cottage, to which we request the attention of the workingman who has the means to build himself a snug little home. Less expensive than the rural cottage, it is almost as large and comfortable, and, with a little piazza over the front door instead of the canopy we have given, it would be almost as picturesque.

Simple, Inexpensive Cottage
Simple, Inexpensive Cottage.


¶ A small entrance hall A, contains the stairs; it is about 6 by 12 feet, and affords access to the living-room B, iGi by 12 feet, and to the best room C, 10 by 17 feet. D is the kitchen.

House Plans
House Plans.

¶ Fig. 172 exhibits the second floor; E is the stair landing from which all the sleeping rooms F are entered.

Construction Cost

¶ Built in the cheapest manner, with the best management, this cottage may be finished for a trifle over $300 (1861 price).

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