Rural Cottage

Rural Cottage

Rural cottages plans and ideas for designs.

Craftsman Style

¶ What a world of rural enjoyment might be concentrated within the little scene represented by the figure before us! Simple and plain, yet of a very decided character, the owner of such a home need not envy the monarch. the gilded beauties of the palace or the toy that mankind call a scepter.

Rural Cottage
Rural Cottage.

Cottage Interiors

¶ The first floor, shown by picture 169, contains the veranda A, a becoming shelter to the front door; B, at once vestibule and stair-hall; C, living-room, 11 by 14 feet; D, family-room, 11 by 17 feet, and E, kitchen, 11 by 12 feet.

Cottage Interior Plans
Cottage Interior Plans.

¶ Fig. 170, the second floor, contains two bedrooms, G.

Cottage Cost

Built of brick, this cottage would cost about $400; of stone or timber, where these materials are plenty, about $350 (1861 price).

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