Small Villa Building Plan

Small Villa Building Plan

A building plan for a small bracketed villa.

Craftsman Style

¶ This is a picturesque looking villa, and would make a very appropriate residence for a genteel family of moderate size. There is quite an exhibition of bold rusticity, combined with an evident neatness of finish, which pleases to an equal degree the eye of the artist and of the mechanical connoisseur.

Bracketed Villa
Bracketed Villa.

¶ The extreme piquancy of expression which this design would otherwise have exhibited is considerably subdued by the truncation of the main roof. Without this, the pitch of roof would not harmonize so well with the round-headed windows and veranda arcades.


¶ Referring to picture 162, we find the plan of the principal floor. The entrance to the very large hall B is effected through the front piazza A; this hall is 12 feet wide by 29 feet long, and besides containing a very handsome flight of stairs, may serve also for a reception-room. A very fine drawing-room C, 16 by 24 feet, is entered on the right; while the dining room E, 15 by 17 feet, is situated on the left; and a snug little library, 12 by 12 feet, occupies what might be termed an extension of the hall. Passing through the dining room E, we find a flight of private stairs, and still farther on, the kitchen F, 12 by 16 feet. There is a back entrance to the dining room through a little piazza, and also one to the kitchen.



¶ The second floor, explained by picture 163, contains five very good bedrooms marked I, and a number of appendages, such as closets, wardrobes, etc., rarely found in a dwelling of this magnitude. K denotes the landing of the main stairs and also a small bedroom at the head of the private stairs; the wardrobes are denoted by L.

Building Plan

¶ As will be observed, this design has been prepared with a view to the use of rubblestone in the erection of the walls. The corners are represented as carried up with squared stone for bond, which adds greatly to the architectural effect. The reader who has perused our former descriptions will perceive at a glance that slate or shingles will be the proper roof-covering.

¶ In a neighborhood where rubble-stone is readily procured, and having good facilities for the transportation of such material as is necessarily brought from a distance, the cost of this design will be about $6000.

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