Country French House Plans

Country French House Plans

Some classic French country houses designs and plans.

Craftsman Style

¶ There is an amount of boldness and strength exhibited in this country French design that is truly gratifying to the admirers of these qualities in architecture. The beholder instantly perceives in this the residence of a man of wealth, with a taste bordering on the eccentric, yet kept in some degree of regularity by architectural conventionalities.

French Country House
French Country House


¶ The front entrance is through the veranda H, picture 144, from which an octagonal vestibule A, 17 feet in diameter, is entered. The vestibule has niches in the alternate sides, which, occupied by vases of flowers or appropriate statuary, make a very agreeable feature of internal decoration. This apartment is intended for the twofold purpose of vestibule and reception-room, and it would therefore unite in its detail the richness of vestibule finish with the amplitude and comfortable aspect of a reception-room.

¶ The drawing room B is 16 by 28 feet, with a semi-circular bay and a conservatory of concentric plan attached. A smaller conservatory or green-house D, 10 by 15 feet, for rearing the more delicate sort of flowers in pots or vases, adjoins the parlor C, 16 by 16 feet. A very good family sitting-room is denoted by E, 14 by 18 feet. F is the dining room, 16 by 24 feet, communicating by folding or sliding doors with the drawing-room; it is provided with two good closets K, and a passage to the kitchen 0.


¶ From the staircase hall I, a side entrance opens into a lobby L, which contains the private stairway and has a side door to the veranda P. Beyond this is the kitchen M, 15 by 16 feet, a well-lighted apartment fitted up with range, etc.; an out-kitchen N, 12 by 12, completes the extension of back-buildings.

¶ The plan of the second floor, shown by picture 145. corresponds in general arrangement with that of the first. A is an octagonal hall, from which access is had to the bedrooms B and C, the wardrobe I, the bathroom H, and the front balcony. K denotes the landing of the main stairs, D boudoir, and E a large family bedroom, both directly accessible from the landing. M, the landing of the private stairs, is on a level with the half-pace of main stairs, as also is the bathroom G, and the bedroom F.

Building Plans

¶ As will be observed by picture 143 this design was prepared with a view to being built of stone laid in the manner known as broken range-work, its style and spirit being very favorable to this mode of construction. Slate or shingles of varied patterns would be very appropriate for roof-covering. The details of this building are very peculiar, and would require the greatest care in the architect to elaborate them properly. No proprietor having any regard for its correct expression or permanent construction would entrust the preparation of the working drawings to an ordinary builder.


¶ The cost of this villa, exclusive of the architect's fee, (usually from three to five percent. on the building expenses), will not much exceed $12,000 (1861 price).

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