Cottage Home Design Plans

Cottage Home Design Plans

Classic and efficient cottage home design plans.

Craftsman Style

¶ These cottage home designs are presented to show how much convenience can be obtained in the least possible space. Every inch of room is here pressed into service, and from this example it will be readily perceived how much more economical is the cube than the parallelogram or any irregular form that can be applied to cottage building. We feel perfectly safe in offering these as models for cheap and convenient cottages, without any effort at display. It is just the arrangement that thousands in this country want. With a little addition to the outlay, the cornice of the first cottage design might be bracketed, and Venetian blinds given to the windows, by which the external appearance would be greatly benefited. The second cottage home design plans are a more picturesque elevation of the same plan.

Model Cottage Design
Model Cottage Design

Cottaga Interior Floor Plan
Cottaga Interior Floor Plan, Picture 98

Cottage Home
Cottage Home

Cottage Layout
Cottage Layout, Picture 99


¶ The interior arrangements are very simple. By referring to the plan of the first floor, picture 98, it will be seen that A is an entrance vestibule containing a simple flight of stairs. The apartment B, 11 by 20 feet, is intended for a living room or dining room, it being supposed that the cooking will be carried on in the small room E, by means of the ordinary cooking-stove.

¶ . It will be observed, however, that the room D, 16 by 14 feet, has been arranged for a dining room, being provided with corner closets, by which it is brought almost to the regular octagon form, and favorable to the use of the circular cottage dining-table. By this arrangement, a rear lobby is formed through which these rooms are separately entered. E, a room 10 by 12 feet, may be used for the purpose above named or as a bedroom; in the former case, however, the communicating door should be to B instead of to A, as at present. A snug little parlor C, 16 by 14 feet, is entered from the vestibule A, and also communicates with the dining room.

¶ The plan of the second floor picture 99, needs no explanation.


¶ This cottage is intended to be built of brick or rough stone, and stuccoed, and the surface faintly lined off in imitation of range-work. If built of wood, it should be weather boarded in the horizontal manner, with corner strips and dressings, about 6 inches wide, to the openings.

¶ The roof is intended for shingles, although the pitch represented in the view of the first design appears low for that material; as a caution to the builder, we may remark that shingles should never be laid on a roof the rise of which is less than indicated by an angle of 30 degrees, or about one-fifth of the span.


¶ Without cellar, the cost of these cottages, where stone is convenient, would be about $700 or $800 ( 1861 price); for cellar under the whole, $50 should be added.

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