Medieval Manor House Design

Medieval Manor House Design

A house design in the medieval ages manor style and description of its construction.

Craftsman Style

¶ While we have endeavored to concentrate within affordable limits the necessary conveniences of a comfortable mode of living for the occupants, we have not neglected the outward expression of taste that contributes so largely to the pleasure of the beholder. A plain building, by a few, simple, well-directed touches, can thus be invested with a character approaching the ornate, medieval style of design.

Medieval Design Home
Medieval Design Home

¶ A brief analysis of this manor house design before us will attest the truth of the above remark. Remove first the barge and cave treatment, and we destroy at once the polish of the expression; but take away the medieval pinnacles, and we greatly weaken the expression itself; almost entirely depriving it of that piquancy that strikes us so forcibly in the present view. The analysis might be pushed further, to the consideration of the effect of removing dormers, changing the style of chimney tops, etc.; but we have said enough to show what

Great effects from little causes flow.

Medieval House Interior Design

¶ The internal arrangements of this house are so plainly exhibited on the plan of principal floor, picture 95, as scarcely to need explanation. G is an open entrance porch. A, 8 by 16 feet, is the entrance hall, and contains a flight of stairs. B, 16 by 18 feet, is the dining room, lighted by a recessed twin window, and having an ample china closet attached.


¶ The parlor C, 16 by 16 feet, has a nice bay window, but would be improved by a window extending to the floor on the side next to the entrance porch, an idea not fully conveyed by the engraving. The kitchen D, 16 by 16 feet, is well lighted, and provided with sink, side entrance, and small closet. Adjoining the kitchen there is a wash-house, 11 by 12 feet, and beyond this a wood-house or pump-room F, 7 by 12 feet, having outdoor communication independent of the kitchen.

¶ Ascending to the second floor, picture 96, we find the stair landing, marked by the letter H, from which we have ready access to the bedrooms I and J, and to the bedroom K and bathroom L. The bedrooms, as will be seen, are all furnished with good closets.

¶ Four small bedrooms, lighted by dormer and gable windows, and ventilated in the manner explained by picture 90, may be fitted up in the space afforded by the pitch of the roof.


¶ A very pretty effect would be secured by building this cottage of wood, the weather boarding being put on in the vertical manner, and the joints battened after one of the methods explained at picture 8. The gable and eave cornice should be cut from 3-inch plank, in a bold manner, and also the ornament against the base of the pinnacles.


¶ Built of wood, in the manner above described, the cost of this design would not vary much from $3000 (1861 price), where timber is plenty; built of stone, and the walls furred inside for plastering, $500 should be added.

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