Gothic Revival Style House

Gothic Revival Style House

A home building plan for a Gothic revival style house utilising Gothic architecture elements.

Craftsman Style

¶ Tius is a representation of a solid, comfortable house, not lavishly but neatly and carefully embellished in the Gothic style. The plan, as will be seen by inspection, is irregular, which, combined with the diversified roof-lines, is favorable to a picturesque effect; and this tendency is strengthened by the cornices and minor details.

Gothic Style House
Gothic Style House

Gothic House Plans

¶ An examination of the plans will make it apparent that this is intended for the home of a family of culture and refinement, without any desire for ambitious display; they may be very wealthy and very hospitable, but choose to live remote from the vexations of fashionable life. The drawing room A, 18 by 25 feet, is a first-class apartment; we cannot imagine any more delightful feature than its bay window; aside from its external effect as a part of the composition, it adds infinitely to the character of the room as a place of social enjoyment. The hall C is 8 feet wide, affording a thoroughfare from front to rear of the building; at right angles with it is the staircase hall, 9 feet wide. The sitting-room B is 18 by 25 feet, and may on special occasions be converted into a dining room, although provision is made in E for a dining room for the home circle. This room is 16 by 18 feet, and the kitchen adjoining is 12 by 18 feet. The verandas H are worthy of notice.

Ground Plans
Ground Plans

¶ The front entrance is indicated by a feature of more massive character than the veranda, which should be executed in stone, or whatever material the walls of the house may be. On the second floor we find three Gothic style bedrooms, A, B, and C, and a dressing room D; in the back building, entered from a passage on a level with the half-landing of the stairs, we find two bedrooms G and 11, and a bathroom K. The attic bedrooms, lighted by dormer windows, are reached by stairs continued over the main stairs.


¶ This house is intended to be built of brick or stone; if of the former material, hollow walls are to be preferred; if of the latter, furring-off with wood is the most suitable expedient to prevent dampness. The design would look very well executed in undressed stone, not laid with the precision of rangework, yet with considerable regard to regularity and evenness of surface. The roof; in any event, should be slate; the verandas and cornices wood, the former being covered with tin.

¶ The stiles of the paneled verge-board on the principal gables are dressed from 2-inch plank, moulded and doubled, and each spandrel pierced with a trefoil. The bay windows are both built of the materials employed in the main walls, whether brick or stone.

¶ The chimney tops are of terra-cotta or stone, but the former being both inexpensive and durable, will be preferred by a majority of proprietors.


¶ Erected in a substantial manner, the internal finish being in consonance with the external style of the building, the cost of this house will be between $7000 and $8000 (1861 price).

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