Roof Guttering

Roof Guttering

Ideas for roof guttering, eaves and valleys.

Craftsman Style

¶ Much caution is required in the construction of eave-gutters and valleys, as a slight mistake or deficiency in either of these is frequently a source of great annoyance. All the copper or tin for this should be seamed, and soldered on both sides, and tin should, as in tin-roofing, be carefully coated with red-lead on both sides. Particular attention should always be given to the dimensions of these appendages, in proportion to the area of the roof and the consequent volume of water to be discharged; if guttering is too small, or has not sufficient current given it, (i.e. descent necessary to throw off rain water,) an overflow takes place, the consequences of which are disastrous to the walls, particularly if they are externally plastered. A result similar to this may be occasioned by too small a vent at the head of the conductor or down spout.

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