Metal Roofing Material: Tin, Copper, Iron, Lead

Metal Roofing Material: Tin, Copper, Iron, Lead

A guide to the use of metal roofing material such as tin, copper, iron, and lead roofing.

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Tin Roofing Material

¶ Tin is a well-known and extensively used residential metal roofing material, and for low-pitched roofs seems preferable to anything that has yet been invented as a substitute. It should always be well painted before it is laid; experience has proved red-lead to be the most efficient coating that has yet been discovered.

Iron Roofing

¶ Galvanized iron is used to some extent, but having higher prices than tin, and of doubtful superiority, it cannot be so highly recommended for general use; iron that has not gone through this process, corrodes so rapidly as to be entirely unavailable, unless care is taken to keep it thoroughly painted, the expense of which is almost equivalent to a prohibition of its use.

Lead Roofing

¶ Lead makes a good metal roof in northern latitudes, but we are assured is almost utterly worthless in the South, owing to the action of the climate upon it.

Copper Roofing

¶ Copper is an excellent material for valleys, gutters, etc., but is subject to so much expansion and contraction from the changes of weather, as to render it almost valueless for a large area of roof.

Gravel Roofing

¶ Of late years a great deal of attention has been given to various methods of, and products for, roofing, brought forward and held up to public notice as cheap and durable substitutes for tin; these have met with more or less popular favor as low cost seemed to entitle them to the consideration of the economist, but they are one by one disappearing, perhaps to be forgotten, or only to be remembered when some new invention of the kind makes its appearance. Warren's Patent Gravel Roofing is the only one within our knowledge that has fairly stood the test of time and weather, but its nature and appearance is such as to render it suitable only for low-pitched or concealed roofs. For out-buildings, such as carriage houses, stables, etc., with roofs nearly flat, we are of the opinion that the gravel roof can be used with safety and advantage.

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