Granite Homes & Houses

Granite Homes & Houses

The use of granite stone in homes & houses building and construction.

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¶ Granite, according to geology the primary rock, exists in great abundance in this country, and has already been employed to a great extent for building purposes. The best specimens within our knowledge of granite for public buildings are from the quarries of Quincy and Fall River, Mass.; but there are qualities of lighter cast, and therefore better adapted to country architecture, found in various parts of the country, of which the quarries at Lieperville, Pa., furnish an instance.

¶ The elemental formation of granite renders it of great value in point of durability, and it is recommended for foundations preferably to all other kinds of stone. It may be known by its granular structure, from which it takes its name its component parts being quartz, mica, and feldspar, distinctly or confusedly blended together. It is very easily worked into the rougher kinds of masonry, but does not admit of fine polish or finely-cut mouldings. It may be employed in country homes approaching the rustic character; but is not highly commended, on account of the somber aspect communicated by its color.

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