Rustic Farmhouse Floor Plans

Rustic Farmhouse Floor Plans

¶ A roomy, homelike, rustic farmhouse for lovers of plain and wholesome country life, with floor plans and pictures.

Old Farmhouse
Old Farmhouse.
Front view of farmhouse showing porch, dormer and sleeping balcony.

¶ Both in exterior seeming and in interior arrangement and finish, this building is essentially a farmhouse, not of the comfortless type that we have been accustomed to of late years, but one that is reminiscent of earlier days, when a farmhouse was in very truth the homestead and as such was large, substantial, comfortable and inviting. The design is very simple, with clapboarded or shingled walls and a broad sheltering roof, the straight sweep of which is broken by a large dormer on either side. The wide veranda in front is recessed, forming a sheltered porch that could be used for much outdoor life. The windows as suggested here are all casements, those on the upper story being protected from the weather by the broadly overhanging roof and the lower ones sheltered by hoods. At the front of the house the dormer is extended to form a good sized sleeping porch and at the back it accommodates the bathroom.

Farmhouse Floor Plans
Farmhouse Floor Plans.

¶ As the overall effect of the house is broad and low, it is fitting that very little of the foundation should be visible. A far better effect is given if no attempt is made to establish too strict a grade line, as the house seems to fit the ground much better if the foundation is accommodated to the natural irregularities and if the floor of the porch is very little elevated above the turf.

Farmhouse Floor Plan
Farmhouse Floor Plan.
Second Story

¶ The interior arrangement, while simplicity itself, is very convenient. There is hardly anything to mark the divisions between the reception hall, living room and dining room, so that these names rather serve to indicate the uses to which the different parts of this one large room may be put than to imply that they are separate rooms. In the very center of the farmhouse is the large fireplace nook which naturally forms the center of interest and attraction, with its ample chimneypiece of the split field stone and the comfortable fireside seat beside the hearth. Were it not for the arrangement of this large open space, there might be a sense of bareness; but this is entirely obviated by the shape of the room, the prominence given to the fireside nook, and the liberal use of wood in the form of beams, wainscots, seats and such built-in fixtures as may be necessary.

Farmhouse Fireplaces
Farmhouse Fireplaces.
Fireside nook, giving an idea of the broad ciiimneypiece built of split field stone and of the fireside seat, which is made of wide boards v-jointed.

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