Concrete House Plans Cottage

Concrete House Plans Cottage

¶ A concrete house or cottage designed in the form of a greek cross to admit more light.

Concrete Cottage
Concrete Cottage.
Front view of the cottage house showing the two small entrance porches.

¶ Concrete or hollow cement block or slab construction were what we had in mind in the designing of this cottage. Therefore the form of it is especially adapted to the use of this material, although, like the others, the general plan admits of the use of brick or stone, clapboards or shingles, if desired. As we have shown it here, the side walls are broken into panels by raised bands of concrete, which bind the corners and also run around the entire structure at the connection of the roof and again between the first and second stories. These bands are smooth surfaced, but the walls are made very rough by the simple process of washing off the surface with a brush and plenty of water immediately after the form is removed and while the material is set but still friable. If this is done at exactly the right time, the washing brush can be so applied as to remove the mortar to a considerable depth between the blocks, leaving them in relief and producing a rough coarse texture that is very interesting.


First Story Floor Plans

First Story Floor Plans

¶ The plan of this house is not unlike a Greek cross, the rooms being so arranged that the greatest possible allowance of space is made available and also an unusual amount of light and air. Ihe foundation is of concrete and is continued upward on a gentle slant from the ground to a line at the base of the windows on the first floor, which gives a continous horizontal line on a level with the parapets of the porches that are placed on either side ot the front wing.

Second Story Plans

Second Story Plans.

Porch Plans

¶ The main entrance porch is at the right of the house, as shown in the half tone picture, while the kitchen is entered from the porch on the left. The rear porch is recessed and extends the whole width of the wing, being large enough to serve as a very comfortable dining room. For this style of house we would recommend that all the porches be floored with red cement divided into squares.


¶ As shown in the pictures of the interior, the rooms on the first floor are separated with the open post and panel construction, which merely indicates a division between them.

Cottage Living Room Picture
Cottage Living Room Picture.
Pics of a section of the living room, showing entrance hall, stairway, chimneypiece, fireside seat and a glimpse of the dining room. Note the way the woodwork is used to carry the same structural idea throughout the whole lower floor.

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