Cobblestone Houses

Cobblestone Houses

¶ Nevertheless the popularity of cobblestones and boulders for foundations, pillars, chimneys and even for such interior use as chimneypieces, is unquestioned and in many cases the effect is very interesting. There is growing up in this country, especially on the Pacific Coast, a style of house that seems to come naturally into harmony with this sort of stone work, and there is no denying that when the big rough stones and cobbles are used with taste and discrimination, they not only give great interest to the construction, but serve to connect the building very closely with the surrounding landscape.

Cobblestone Pergola Designs
Cobblestone Pergola Designs.
Pergola, porch, and entrance of a country house in Connecticut. The foundation and first story of the house are of field rubble set in cement, and the second story is built of over burned brick with half timber construction, giving a delightful color effect. The house and garden are so linked together that the first impression is that of perfect harmony and close relationship, an impression that is greatly heightened by the use made of the local stone.

Cobblestones House
Cobblestones House
A California house where the use of cobblestones in the structure itself is repeated in the low pillars that mark the entrance of walk and driveway and in the garden wall, thus drawing closer the relationship between house and ground.

Cobblestone House
Cobblestone House.
A house near Pasadena, California, showing the striking effect gained by the use of cobblestones and boulders in the foundation, chimney and yard wall.

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