Decorative Finishes & Finishing

Decorative Finishes & Finishing

Using glazing and highlighting techniques for decorative wood finishes and finishing in diy woodworking.

Craftsman Style

Painted wood trim and enameled wood trim is finished with very interesting, artistic effects by hand glazing wood much in the same manner as walls are finished with the glazing, mottling and blending methods. The object of this treatment is sometimes to give a novelty finish in vivid color effects, but more often it is done to subdue the color of the wood trim and to make it harmonize in low tones with walls, furniture and the general furnishings of the room. The work is simple to do, yet it requires the use of good taste both in the selection of the glazing or stippling color and the strength of the pattern put on to the wood.

Streak-Glazing Painted Wood Trim
Picture 50. Streak-Glazing Painted Wood Trim.

Glazing Techniques

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