Enameled Wood Trim, Enamels

Enameled Wood Trim, Enamels

Ideas for enameled wood trim finishing, the use of enamels.

Craftsman Style

¶ What was set down about the beauty and appropriateness of painted wood trim applies with even greater force to the finishing of trim with white and colored enamels. The use of enamels makes a more durable and more washable finish. They also make a more beautiful finish because the surface is built up full and level and may then be rubbed and polished, using the same methods as were detailed in applying varnish. And when the expense of hand rubbing is not desirable, a satin finish, matt or flat drying enamel may be used and it will produce a beautiful dull lustre which, while not exactly equal to the hand-rubbed finish, is fine enough for most practical purposes.

¶ High class enamels are now made in white, ivory, cream, light blues, greens, grays and many other beautiful tints and shades. And if you cannot get the exact tint or shade wanted you may mix two or more of the colors which you can secure, or you may change the tones enough to exactly fit any decorative scheme by adding a little tinting color ground in japan. The color should first be thinned a little with turpentine, then mixed with a little of the enamel and strained, then added to the larger quantity of enamel and thoroughly stirred to secure an even mixture throughout.

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