Painting Interior Wood Trim

Painting Interior Wood Trim

Ideas for painting wood trim in interior floors, walls, and paneling.

Craftsman Style

¶ It is the history of art that only the more simple forms of decoration survive through the ages. That accounts for the continued popularity of painted and enameled wood trim. The simplicity of this mode of decoration makes it grow in one's appreciation as a decorative mode to be lived with seven days in the week. And what accounts most for the enduring beauty of painted wood trim is the practice of painting it a color which is exactly that used on the walls, but a few tones lighter or darker. By such treatment the wood trim is definitely corelated with the decorative scheme and serves properly as part of the background of the whole decorative plan.

¶ Among the advantages gained by painting and enameling wood trim is the ease with which old trim which has been marred, bruised and scratched can be filled and leveled up to efface the damage. Then, too, when remodeling has taken place there is apt to be two or more kinds of wood trim in the building and they are harmonized by painting and enameling.

¶ Painted and enameled wood trim is not only beautiful in its color tones and relation to the color plan, but it is serviceable as well when properly done. This sort of finish can be renewed from year to year, changing the color note to fit the wall treatment and the furnishing of the room. This latter point is very important with some folks who tire of one style of decoration in a year or two. With painted wood trim the style of furnishing the room may be completely changed from conservative, classic to novelty treatments and back again with considerable ease.

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