Applying Lacquer Stain

Applying Lacquer Stain

Learning how to apply lacquer wood stain, the applying of lacquer in finishing by spraying.

Craftsman Style

¶ The application of lacquers is made by use of the spray gun and by dipping. Lacquers which can be applied with the brush have also appeared on the market for use on a great many kinds of surfaces, particularly household articles like furniture, etc. It is offered for use also on floors and general wood trim and will dry hard enough to walk on in half an hour.

¶ The cellulose lacquers made years ago were little used except upon metals as a bronzing liquid with metal bronzes and as a very thin, transparent coating over polished metals, brass, copper, bronze, etc. They were used largely for the same purposes as the shellac and varnish lacquers.

¶ In modern manufacture of merchandise and in the arts and crafts the clear lacquers and lacquer enamels in innumerable colors are used on merchandise and decorations very extensively. The thin, light colored and tough transparent lacquers find great usefulness in coating metals such as silverware, electric light fixtures, building hardware, all manner of metal spinning and stamping products like art and novelty pieces and jewelry. The clear lacquers are used both as bronzing liquids with which bronzes are mixed and as coatings for bronze-coated surfaces and enameled surfaces. The furniture industry employs both the clear and colored lacquers extensively and more and more each year. The colored lacquers enamels, are also very widely used on automobiles, machinery of many kinds electric light fixtures, furniture, fixtures, toys and novelties.

¶ The use of lacquers, in short, is growing very rapidly to include not alone the automobile industry, but also railway equipment, furniture of every kind and the house building industry. In the development of any product which promises so much in durability and general service there are bound to be some set-backs, due to too much speed and inexperience in the making of lacquer and its application, but the great research work being done, combined with the experience which craftsmen are getting in the application of lacquer, is bound to overcome the difficulties which cause the low percentage of failures which is evident.

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