Wainscot Paneling Styles, Wainscoting Panels Ideas

Wainscot Paneling Styles, Wainscoting Panels Ideas

Wainscoting panels are an ever popular wall decoration and the pictures below of craftsman style in wainscot paneling should provide some great ideas for wainscoting enthusiasts.

A high wainscot made with recesses to hold choice bits of metal or earthenware. This is especially beautiful if carried out in chestnut or gumwood treated in the craftsman manner.

¶ The first of the pictures above shows a wainscot that is peculiarly Craftsman in design. The panels are very broad and what would be the stiles in ordinary paneling are even broader. At the top of each panel is a niche in which may be set some choice bit of pottery or metal work that is shown to the best advantage by the wood behind it and that serves to give the accents or high lights to the whole color scheme of the room. The wall space above is of plain sand finished plaster that may either be left in the natural gray or treated with a coat of shellac or wax which carries the color desired. The rough texture of the plaster has the effect of seeming to radiate color, while it absorbs the light instead of reflecting it as from a smoothly polished surface, and when the color is put on lightly enough to be a trifle uneven instead of a dead solid hue without variation of any sort, there is a choice for the sparkle and play of light which at once adds life and interest.

Wainscot Panels
Wainscot Panels.
Low wainscot with broad panels. Note the placing of the window so that it really forms a decorative panel in the wall space above.

Wainscoted Wall
Wainscoted Wall.
Treatment of wainscoted wall in a living room where the paneling is repeated in the frieze and the fireplace is perfectly proportioned in relation to the wall spaces on either side.

High Wainscot
High Wainscot.
Wall with a high wainscot in which the door and window are made a part of the structural decoration: the leaded panels in window and door add much to the beauty of the room.

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