Craftsman Lighting Fixtures & Lanterns

Craftsman Lighting Fixtures & Lanterns

In the mission and arts and crafts style these indoor hanging lighting fixtures and wall mount lanterns are made of the finest metal and copper designs. Also featuring electric hanging lanterns in decorative design.

Hanging Lantern
Hanging Lantern.
Copper framed lantern that is intended to hang from a bracket attached to the wall.

Large Indoor Lantern
Large Indoor Lantern
Large lantern that is best fitted for use in a entrance hall or veranda.

Small Lantern
Small Lantern.
Small square lantern meant to hang from the ceiling or an overhead beam.

Square Lantern
Square Lantern.
Square lantern with an unusually decorative copper frame.

Hammered Copper Lantern
Hammered Copper Lantern.
Electric lantern in fumed oak and hammered copper, especially designed for hanging rather low over a dining table.

Shower Lantern
Shower Lantern
One of the little lanterns that is frequently used with the shower lights.

Electric Post Lantern
Electric Post Lantern.
Electric lantern designed as a finial to a newel post.

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